The self-esteem is where you consider you can get to with you abilities and efforts ,it doesn´t matter the position you are at. My self-esteem depends on the situation , there are times I have a very low one or others in which I have very big spectations. Sometimes, I feel that is better having high self-esteem beacause you can show people what you are capable of and proove them wrong if they thought you could not reach a goal or achieve something. On the other hand sometimes , it is better when you feel you are not capable of doing something and then someone comes by and tells your that you are by far capable of more than what you think,so that, pushes you to do your best at something and is nice because you feel supported because people believe in you. But, it can also be lots of pressure because they reaaly believe in you or depend on you to do something and if you don´t fulfill it , that would be really depressive or annoying or your self-esteem could go all the way to the bottom.

An example can be something as easy as your grades. Sometimes you know you are very good an can get good grades ,but your parents for example believe you can get even a 10 if you want to (sometimes the others self-esteem about you is extremely high). That puts a lot of pressure on you so it is better having a balanced self-esteem.


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